March 4, 2019

We’re in the last month of the winter season and what a season it has been.  We’ve had some crazy cold temperatures and a lot of snow.  Despite all of this the fishing has been good and the guests are still bringing home fish.  As of this week we are still fishing in 32 to 34 feet of water with limits being brought in.  Plain hooks, glow, red, gold and pink jigs or tackle seem to be  doing the best.  Most of the guests have been using their electronics, using a dead stick and jigging when you see the fish.  Please remember if you are coming up to LOW and you haven’t done so already make sure you have your 2019 fishing license.  

January 17, 2019

The boys were busy today moving houses and getting ready for the weekend.  Currently our houses are approximately 6 miles from Pine Island in about 32 feet of water.  The fish seem to have been fussy this week having two lines one a dead stick and the other a jigging stick seems to be the best route.  Some days they bite on the dead stick and some days it’s the jigging stick.  The groups are still catching fish having a fish fry and bringing fish home.  We’ve still seen groups catching some nice slot fish!  

December 30, 2018

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!  The guys have been busy moving houses to make sure we stay on the fish.  We’ve had a great start to the Winter Season!  As the fish seem to be continuing to move into deeper water most of our houses are in 25 to 29 feet of water.  Gold and glow red seem to be working well for the guests.  Most groups have been able to enjoy a fish fry during their stay and bring home some great fish.  

February 7th Report

This cold weather sure hasn’t helped fishing this week. The customers are still marking fish but are having a tough time getting them to bite. The guides are out today and moving houses around and drilling fresh holes so we can hope that will help things for the weekend.

December 30th

We hope everyone is staying warm and had a Merry Christmas.

Ice fishing is still pretty good despite the cold weather.  Our guests have been bringing in a combination of walleyes and saugers.  Our houses seem to be doing the best with the typical Lake of the Woods colors:  gold, yellow & pink, white/pink & gold with a live minnow seem to be doing the best right now.   Groups that are mixing it up with a dead stick and jigging seem to be having the best luck.  Our houses are currently in 20-28 feet of water.

If you are fishing on your own please remember to check on ice road conditions from Adrian’s Resort or Morris Point Resort as they are still changing daily.

July 12th

Even though we had a bug hatch the groups continue to catch their fish this week as the bite remains excellent.  Groups are still jig/minnow or jig/leech fishing as well as with spinners with crawlers or minnows. Typical gold, glow and bright colors seem to be doing the best.  We have also had a couple groups just starting to troll cranks. 


May 24, 2017

The 2017 Walleye Opener is in the books.  The weather hasn’t been the best but that hasn’t stopped our guests from catching fish.  We are still catching some nice fish in the river as well as on the lake.  Jigging with a shiners seems to be working the best for most groups.  We still have openings for groups so give us a call and our guides would love to get you on some great fish.  

Here are a few pictures from the past week.  

December 31, 2016

Recent weather changes and snow have changed the bite and things have slowed down since last week.  The guests are still marking a lot of fish so hopefuly the bite will pick up in the coming days.   Currently our houses are on 16 inches of ice from 22 to 30 feet of water.  25 feet seems to be the best bite with plain hooks and gold jigs working the best.  Shiners and Chubs are still both working well.  


December 19, 2016

We started fishing December 16, 2016.  The ice continues to thicken daily with rough ice the first mile past Pine Island, hoping for a little snow to smooth things out.  Our houses have had a decent bite in 19 to 23 feet of water.  Typical Lake of the Woods colors working (gold, white, pink) with shiners and fatheads both doing equally well.   

September 29, 2016

We’ve found that fish are starting to move into the River. Outside Pine Island has been good in 18 to 33 feet of water, jigging with shiner minnows.  The sturgeon have also been very active in the River and the guests are catching multiple sturgeon.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate the next few days with no wind to clean up the water in the Lake.  img_20160926_130822_454-2